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B A R I S T A S K I L L S Perfect The Art of Co ee Making...

ICCA’s Artisanal Co ee program is a comprehensive introduction to the ever-growing world of specialty co ee! Ideally structured for co ee aficionados seeking to launch their own café or pursue a professional career as baristas, this artisanal course is also a great way for serious enthusiasts to take a deep dive into the exciting world of co ee. Helmed by professional baristas with wide industry experience, this specialist program o ers holistic training on everything from the origins of co ee to hands-on practical training on brewing skills, espresso making and latte art, using professional co ee and espresso machines at our award-winning Dubai campus. Students will also receive knowledge and coaching on setting up as well as running a co ee-based business. The ICCA Artisanal Co ee Program also delivers an internationally recognised City & Guilds, UK, accredited certification, which, combined with the superior training and theoretical knowledge gained during the program, will enable students to achieve their dreams, whether that is to start their own business, embark on a successful career as a barista, or simply to make the most awesome types of co ee right at home. 07 ICCA / BP / V05.0 / 02 / 2023 Introduce yourself to the world of speciality brews

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09 ICCA / BP / V05.0 / 02 / 2023 About Us The International Centre for Culinary Arts (ICCA Dubai) Established in 2005, ICCA Dubai is an internationally renowned world-class culinary learning centre, delivering programs at the Professional, Amateur and Artisanal levels. The extensive range of outcome-driven courses here are specially designed to equip students with industry-standard knowledge, skills and expertise, along with globally recognised certifications. As the pioneering Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Centre in the culinary arts in the Middle East, ICCA Dubai has been featured among the top culinary institutes of the world, and has received numerous accolades and awards for its innovative initiatives, quality training and continued excellence. These include the City & Guilds, UK, Lion Award, the International Centre of the Year, also known as the ‘Oscars of Skills’; the City & Guilds, UK, International Centre for Excellence Award (Middle East); the Middle East Broadcast Pro Best Digital Initiative of the Year; the WorldChefs Recognition of Quality Culinary Education; and several Guinness World Records. The state-of-the-art, purpose-built professional training kitchen at ICCA’s flagship centre in Dubai has also received the Middle East Interior Design Awards for Public and Institutional and Sustainable Interior Design Initiative. ICCA has trained more than 6,500 student chefs from over 20 countries in various courses, who have gone on to excel in the food industry in the UAE and beyond, as successful chefs, restaurant owners, hospitality managers, entrepreneurs, food stylists, food writers and more. Committed to giving back to society and helping change lives for the better, the ICCA Dubai Culinary Scholarship Program, the Annual One Million Dirhams Continuing Education Award for the UAE Young Industry Chefs, was set up in strategic partnership with the Emirates Culinary Guild, City & Guilds, London, UK, and WorldChefs. Since 2015, this industry scholarship initiative has given more than 125 young, talented and deserving but underprivileged chefs an opportunity to complete a Professional Program along with an international qualification.

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12 ICCA / BP / V05.0 / 01 / 2023 ICCA is an approved centre of City & Guilds, UK, the world’s largest awarding body. Established in 1878, City & Guilds certifies more than 2 million students annually the world over. Courses approved / accredited by City & Guilds, UK, are recognised as a sign of quality and standards in more than 100 countries around the world. ICCA has received Worldchef’s “Recognition of Quality Culinary Education” award, a credit that indicates that the training and education provided at ICCA meets or exceeds the standards of culinary education established by the World Association of Chefs’ Societies (Worldchefs), a network of more than 100 global chefs’ associations, representing 10+ million professional chefs worldwide. City & Guilds, UK World Association of Chefs Societies (Worldchefs) All programs o ered by ICCA Dubai are recognised by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) of the Dubai Government, and delivered under its Educational Service Permit. The KHDA is the main government body that oversees the quality of private education in Dubai, with the goal of creating a high-quality education sector that is focused on happiness and well-being. Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) All programs o ered by ICCA Abu Dhabi (Serenity Hospitality) are recognised by the Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET) of the Abu Dhabi Government, a licensing and regulatory body, which oversees entities that provide accredited educational and vocational training programs, in line with the best international standards, to prepare students for the industry. Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET) Accreditation & Recognitions

As the leading culinary institute in the Middle East, ICCA Dubai has become internationally renowned as an icon of world-class culinary education, o ering an exceptional learning experience. The remarkable number of prestigious international, regional and national awards, accolades and recognitions received stand testament to our proven qualities of leadership, innovation and continued excellence. We are what the World says… Awards & Accolades 13 ICCA / BP / V05.0 / 02 / 2023

Become an accomplished barista in just five days! Start with an exhaustive introduction to the origins, types and processing techniques of co ee. Learn about roasting, deca eination and various cupping protocols, including insider tips from experienced baristas. Explore the buzzing modern trends of cold brew co ee, and learn the complex skills and techniques to extract the perfect espresso. Get a peek into the intricate designs of latte art and presentation. Last but not least, finish the course by learning how to maintain a co ee machine and understand how to start, sustain and run a co ee business of your own, including an overview of customer service, workplace management and hygiene best practices. Course Overview Course Plan / Content Artisanal Co ee Perfect the Art of Co ee Making... City & Guilds, UK Level 2 IVQ – Award in Barista Skills (7102-52) By completing this professional training course, you will receive an International Vocational Qualification (IVQ) Level 2 – Award in Barista Skills (7102-52), accredited by City and Guilds, UK. Qualification & Outcome 15 ICCA / BP / V05.0 / 02 / 2023 Day 1 - Introduction to Co ee • Overview • The History of Co ee • The Plant Co ee Stems From • Co ee Species: Arabica and Robusta • Processing of Co ee • The Barista 4-3-2-1 Theory • What is Specialty Co ee? • Green Bean Grading • Green Bean Storage • Sensory Analysis of Co ee • Learner Activity Day 2 – Brewing Skills • Overview • The Roasting Machine and Process • Deca eination • The Cupping Protocol • The Brewing Process • Learner Activity Day 3 – Barista Skills • Overview • The Art of Making Espresso • Equipment Used in Making Espresso • A New Trend in Co ee: Cold Brew • Learner Activity Day 4 – Latte Art Mastery • Overview • Latte Art • Learner Activity Day 5 – Hygiene and Basic Business Practices • Overview • Station Management and Customer Service • Workspace Management • Hygiene and Machine Care • Learner Activity

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Course book will be provided by ICCA Dubai. Course Kit Course Cost Group Class: AED 6,000 (per person) (Prices exclusive of VAT) The Barista Skills Program is delivered over five (5) days with one (1) session per day of five (5) hours each, from 01.30 PM to 06.30 PM, covering theory, hands-on practical training and product presentation. Weekday Classes: Sunday to Thursday Weekend Classes: Every Saturday (5 Weeks) Classes are held on regular basis and also exclusively delivered upon request. Registrations are open through the year. Interested individuals / groups may apply. All equipment, ingredients, protective gear and course materials will be provided. Class Delivery Assessment & Certification A Certificate of Completion accredited by City and Guilds, UK, will be awarded to all students who attend at least 80% of the classes and successfully pass the final theory and practical assessments. The Certificate will be made available 6 to 8 weeks after course completion. All equipment, ingredients, protective gear and course materials are provided for the training. Making Lives Happen - Please note that a percentage of the fees earned is set aside to provide free education to the talented and deserving but financially underprivileged UAE young industry chefs, as part of the ICCA Culinary Scholarship Program, the annual One Million Dirham Continuing Education Award. 17 ICCA / BP / V05.0 / 02 / 2023

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Apply Now Programs are scheduled regularly through the year, and dates of upcoming batches are published on the ICCA website. For more information, kindly contact Dubai Campus Abu Dhabi Campus Tel:+971 4 457 88 11, Tel: +971 2 694 89 99 e-mail : [email protected] e-mail : [email protected] visit website • The ability to understand English is a must, as that is the sole medium of instruction. • Age – 16 and above Minimum Entry Requirements Course Start Dates 1. Application form, duly filled and signed. 2. Colour copy of Passport / Visa and colour passport size photograph with white background. Note: A clear scan of the above documents to be sent by email to [email protected] / [email protected] or submitted in person. Documents Required for Admission 19 ICCA / BP / V05.0 / 02 / 2023

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Conditions of Enrollment (Please read before you sign the application form) 1. Definition: 1.1 For the purpose of these conditions of enrolment, the commencement of registration means: The first day of registration for the course in which the student is enrolled. 2. Course Fees: 2.1 All course fees may be paid in AED / USD by Cash, Cheque, Credit/ Debit Card or by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), to the o cial ICCA Dubai account, whichever is convenient. 2.2 Course Fees must be paid in full before the commencement of the program. 2.3 ICCA will not be responsible for any money paid to any representatives or other individuals not formally authorised by ICCA. 2.4 All bank transfer charges and other incidental charges, as may be applicable, are payable extra, in actual, by the candidate. 2.5 Cheque Recall / Return: Please note a charge of AED 500 is payable if a cheque is recalled from the bank or is returned due to insu cient funds or any other reasons. a. If the returned / unpaid cheque is not paid / settled before the course start date, then the course will automatically stand cancelled. 3. Cancellation and Refunds: 3.1 The Course Fees for Artisanal Barista Programs will be refunded only if ICCA cancels the course in which the student is enrolled; 3.2 ICCA will refund the approved amounts within 8 weeks after notice of cancelation. 3.3 Refunds will only be transferred through normal banking channels to the person who paid the course fees in their source country, e.g., if the financial sponsor of the student has paid the course fees, the refund will only be transferred to their bank account in their home country. 3.4 The Course Fees for Artisanal Barista Programs will NOT be refunded in the following circumstances, if: 21 ICCA / BP / V05.0 / 02 / 2023

a. The student cancels their enrolment. b. The student discontinues the course for any reason after the commencement of the course program. c. The course start date is deferred or the course is cancelled due to unforeseeable events or unavoidable circumstances, such as Acts of God and not limited to natural disasters, epidemics or pandemics, war, fire, among others, and directives issued by UAE Governing bodies. d. The Course or Course Fees are not transferrable. 4. Cancellation of Class / Change of Date 4.1 Enrolled students should inform ICCA a minimum of 72 hours in advance via e-mail, phone call or SMS (text message) if they want to cancel a class or request for the change of date for a class. If formal intimation is not received within 72 hours of a scheduled class, the student shall be considered Absent or No Show for the class, resulting in the class being automatically cancelled and all class fees forfeited in full. 5. Course Program and Class Plans 5.1 Menu plans of one Course program are not interchangeable with the Menu plans of another Course Program. In short, any kind of combination of course plans or activities is not permissible. 5.2 Items listed within a class plan menu are not changeable. 6. Validity of Course Programs: 6.1 The ICCA Artisanal course registration is valid for a time span of 3 months from the date of registration. All classes must be completed well within the given period, beyond which the program would be considered cancelled and all fees thereof forfeited. 6.2 Make-up Classes Those who miss attending classes in the course initially enrolled can avail themselves the opportunity to make up the classes missed, as under - a. Booking Classes - i. Makeup Classes can be booked upon payment of Admin Fees of AED 100 per request, plus AED 100 for every Class Session booked under a given request. 22 ICCA / BP / V05.0 / 02 / 2023

ii. Such classes will be scheduled with other regular groups of the same program. b. Change in Schedule - i. Any further change in schedule will be charged AED 100, and if such request for a change is made after the given booking date, then the fees paid towards the classes previously booked will be forfeited. c. Non-Attendance - i. Classes booked and missed will be forfeited. 7. Standard Operating Procedures, Class Schedules, Code of Conduct and Rights: 7.1 Students are requested to read the Artisanal Barista Courses Procedures and Policies, provided upon request at the time of Enrolment. 7.2 Kindly adhere to the class time schedules. 7.3 It is important that a student or students of a group do not disturb the other classes around in any manner. 7.4 Students are required to assist with post-class clean-up and wash-up. 7.5 Food packed and taken out of ICCA premises is at the students’ risk for Food Safety purposes. 8. Compliance, Termination and Rights: 8.1 ICCA reserves the right to expel a student for a serious breach of discipline, upon which the Course Fee will not be refunded. 8.2 As part of continuous development and quality delivery, ICCA reserves all rights to amend the course content, course cost, schedules and procedures and policies. 9. Grievance Resolution: 9.1 ICCA has policies and procedures in place for the hearing of student di culties and grievances. 9.2 If a student is not satisfied with the outcome, an independent dispute resolution can be availed, under the jurisdiction of Dubai, UAE laws. The student must agree that damages are limited exclusively to a refund of the course fee for the course selected and that they are entitled to no other consequential, incidental or punitive damages. 23 ICCA / BP / V05.0 / 02 / 2023

10. Additional Details: 10.1 Additional details with regards to course Enrolment and course program will be provided upon formal application of interest to the program. 10.2 Any and all materials including photographs and videos taken during the training session may be used for ICCA’s o cial advertising and/or marketing purposes. Your presence at the venue shall be deemed your consent to appear in such material and for the use of such material in which you might appear by ICCA without compensation. Should you not wish to appear in such materials, please inform us prior to enrolment. 11. International Student 11.1 Visa: a. Application for the ICCA sponsored Student Visa's are only for courses that are of one month in duration or more. b. ICCA sponsored Student Visa's are applied only upon full payment of the course program and visa fees. c. Country-specific UAE Visa and immigration laws apply. d. The ICCA sponsored visas are subject to immediate cancellation upon completion of the course program. 11.2 Insurance: a. The ICCA o er does not o er any personal medical insurance. International students are advised to get medical insurance of their choice before they travel to the UAE. 24 ICCA / BP / V05.0 / 02 / 2023

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