Prospectus - Sugarcraft - September 2022

Includes all three Advanced Skills Modules (Sugar Paste, Sugar Flowers and Royal Icing and Piping). Each course will be individually certified. Course Plan / Content Starter kit and course book will be provided by ICCA Dubai for all of the above courses. Course Kit Master Sugar Crafter Certificate Assessment & Certification Structured Advanced Skills Sets in Complete Sugarcrafting The Master Sugar Crafter Certificate will be delivered over a span of eighty (80) guided learning hours over twenty (20) days, covering theory, hands-on practical training and product presentation. On completion of all three modules, a Master Certificate will be awarded. Weekday classes: From 09.00 AM to 01.00 PM, Sunday to Thursday. Weekend classes: From 09.00 AM to 01.00 PM every Saturday. Course Duration Course Cost Group Class : AED 11,000 (per person) Individual Class: AED 22,000 (per person) The students’ competency will be assessed by a Certified Master Trainer through the course, leading to program certification. All equipment, ingredients, protective gear and course materials are provided for the training. 19 ICCA / SC / V5.3 / 09 / 2022 Making Lives Happen - Please note that a percentage of the fees earned is set aside to provide free education to the talented and deserving but financially underprivileged UAE young industry chefs, as part of the ICCA Culinary Scholarship Program, the annual One Million Dirham Continuing Education Award.