Prospectus - Sugarcraft - September 2022

This Artisanal Course for Advanced Skills in Sugar Paste is delivered over a span of twenty-four (24) guided learning hours over six (6) days, covering theory, hands-on practical training and product presentation. Weekday classes: From 09.00 AM to 01.00 PM, Sunday to Thursday. Weekend classes: From 09.00 AM to 01.00 PM every Saturday. Explore the exciting decorative medium of liquid sugar! This cake decoration module is dedicated to the artistic uses of liquid sugar, particularly royal icing and e ective piping techniques, taught by ICCA Dubai’s highly accomplished and internationally renowned Master Cake Decorator. To pipe elaborate and sophisticated designs using royal icing requires perfect consistency, a very steady hand, extensive skill and immense patience, especially to reach professional levels of finesse that can win competitions. Once you master these skills, you can easily boost the value of your cakes, helping enhance your hobby or professional income by creating attractive and attention-grabbing cake decorations that will amaze and excite your customers. Course Overview Learn to Make Royal Icing with Perfect Consistency Designing and Preparing a Cake for Coating and Covering in Liquid Sugar or Royal Icing Piping Techniques and Texturing Piped Flowers – Colour Flow and Flooding Advanced Reverse, Anti-Gravitational Drop String Work Borders and Over Piping Ideas Pricing Recommendations Business Guidelines Course Plan / Content Starter kit and course book will be provided by ICCA Dubai. Course Kit Advanced Skills in Royal Icing & Piping Concept to Completion in Liquid Sugar Course Duration Course Cost Group Class : AED 4,000 (per person) Individual Class: AED 8,000 (per person) 17 ICCA / SC / V5.3 / 09 / 2022