Prospectus - Sugarcraft - September 2022

Want to make novelty and bespoke cakes that will wow your friends, family or customers? Then this is the perfect course for you. ICCA Dubai’s highly accomplished and internationally renowned Master Cake Decorator will give you invaluable hands-on, practical advice and training that covers single and multi-tier cakes as well as cupcakes of all types. Learn everything from covering a cake perfectly with fondant, mimicking fabric, bows and ribbons using textured sugar, to using top-level tools to handcraft astounding creations. Build your confidence, enhance your skills and learn techniques that will make you proficient at cake decoration at both amateur and professional levels. Course Overview Covering a Cake with Fondant Perfectly Embossing and Texturing Sugar Fabric E ects and Basketweave Drapes and Frills, Crimping, Embossing and Lace Principles of Bow Making and Ribbon Insertion Handcrafted and Cutter-Assisted Techniques and More – Colour Balance and Use Modelling Fun Figures – Dowelling and Stacking of Multi-Tier Presentations Inlay and Overlay Appliqué Learn to Price a Cake and Take an Order Professionally Basic Business Recommendations – Copyright and Licensing Transporting, Handling and Assembly of Cakes Course Plan / Content Starter kit and course book will be provided by ICCA Dubai. Course Kit Advanced Skills in Sugar Paste Concept to Completion in Rolled Sugar Skills This Artisanal Course for Advanced Skills in Sugar Paste is delivered over a span of twenty-four (24) guided learning hours over six (6) days, covering theory, hands-on practical training and product presentation. Weekday classes: From 09.00 AM to 01.00 PM, Sunday to Thursday. Weekend classes: From 09.00 AM to 01.00 PM every Saturday. Course Duration Course Cost Group Class : AED 3,500 (per person) Individual Class: AED 7,000 (per person) 13 ICCA / SC / V5.3 / 09 / 2022