ICCA Dubai | Abu Dhabi - Prospectus - Mixology - October 2023

10. Additional Details: 10.1 Additional details with regards to course Enrolment and course program will be provided upon formal application of interest to the program. 10.2 Any and all materials including photographs and videos taken during the training session may be used for ICCA Dubai’s o cial advertising and/or marketing purposes. Your presence at the venue shall be deemed your consent to appear in such material and for the use of such material in which you might appear by ICCA Dubai without compensation. Should you not wish to appear in such materials, please inform us prior to enrolment. 11. International Student 11.1 Visa: a. Application for the ICCA sponsored Student Visa's are only for courses that are of one month in duration or more. b. ICCA sponsored Student Visa's are applied only upon full payment of the course program and visa fees. c. Country-specific UAE Visa and immigration laws apply. d. The ICCA sponsored visas are subject to immediate cancellation upon completion of the course program. 11.2 Accommodation Accommodation (Optional) Upon request, ICCA Dubai helps arrange Student Accommodation of choice, o ered at preferential prices with select Student Residences and Hotel Apartments subject to their respective Terms & Conditions. Booking Terms and Conditions a. Rooms reservations are subject to room availability when making payment. b. If the type of room selected is not unavailable, then in such cases, available room types or other alternatives will be made known to help opt from as a permanent or interim measure. c. In the cases where no rooms are available, then in such cases, the fees collected towards accommodation will be refunded in full. 11.3 Insurance: a. The ICCA o er does not o er any personal medical insurance. International students are advised to get medical insurance of their choice before they travel to the UAE.