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ICCA - Professional Diploma Program Cookery Plus

www.iccadubai.ae ICCA - Cookery Plus Diploma Food Preparation - Cooking (Culinary Arts) International Award in Barista Skills & SCA Foundation Level Pizza for the Professional Certificate in Dry Mixology & Bartending - Foundation Life @ICCA ICCA / MiSK / V3.0 / 13.10 / 2020

Overview Commercial cookery is at the heart of the thriving and expanding hospitality & tourism industry world over. The Profeesional Diploma Program - Cookery / Patisserie at ICCA Dubai is accredited by City & Guilds, London and has been awarded the “Recognition of Quality Culinary Education” by the World Association of Chefs Societies (WorldChefs). This training is based on Classical Continental Cuisine and incorporates basic to advanced skills & knowledge necessary for entry into commercial food production operations within the International Hospitality Industry. This program helps create value not only to the student chefs trained but also for the employers alike, by way of a unique last mile outlet & environment specific customization training. Industry Internship / Work Experience Placement (IWEP) Training, follows the over 1,100 hours of intensive on campus guided learning and industry centered training. The IWEP training program provides student chefs with valuable hands on exposure in the industry-work environment by way of a paid work experience and paves the way for further career opportunities. Minimum Entry Requirements • Minimum Education Qualification – Should have passed year 12 or equivalent • Proficiency in English – Ability to Read, Write & Speak English well. Equivalent to an IELTS score of 5.5 • Age – 16 and above IWEP Eligibility • Age – 20 to 28 years (Min. age for work permit in the UAE & GCC Countries is 20 years) • Medical Fitness - Must pass a medical examination for Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis (TB), AIDS/HIV, Leprosy and Syphilis. Course Start Dates The program specially planned for ICCA MiSK will be scheduled as per mutually agreed based between ICCA Dubai & MiSK Foundation. For more information, kindly contact ICCA Dubai Office - Tel:+971 4 457 8811, e-mail : [email protected] or visit website www.iccadubai.ae Documents Required for Admission 1. Duly filled and signed application form. 2. Colored copy of Passport / Visa & colored passport size photograph with white background. 3. Copy of highest educational qualification. Note: A clear scan of the above documents to be sent by email to [email protected] or submitted in person. Accreditation, Recognition & Awards International Centre for Culinary Arts (ICCA) Dubai is a world-class culinary training centre, delivers programs accredited by the internationally recognized City & Guilds, London, it has been featured amongst the “Top 10 Culinary Institutes in the World” and has been awarded the “Recognition of Quality Culinary Education” by the World Association of Chefs Societies (WorldChefs), a global authority on food standards. The “Recognition of Quality Culinary Education” award seeks to recognise the training and education that meet or exceeds the culinary standards education established by WorldChefs. The centre has won several awards, including the prestigious City & Guilds, London Lion Awards (Known as the Oscars of Skills), "International Centre of the Year Award 2016", apart from "International Centre for Excellence Award (Middle East)-2016", ProChef ME Cooking School of the Year 2016 and the Broadcast Pro Best Digital Initiative of the Year 2016, amongst several others for its application-focused innovative initiatives & continued excellence. City & Guilds, London Established in 1878, City & Guilds, London is the world’s largest awarding body and certifies over 1.3 million students annually the world over, helping increase their value proposition and competitiveness within the global market. This accreditation is recognized as a sign of quality and standards in over 100 countries around the world. World Association of Chefs Societies Founded in the year 1928, WorldChefs is a network of chefs associations from around the world that has over a hundred official chefs associations as members representing over 10 million professional chefs worldwide. Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA) All programs delivered at the International Centre for Culinary Arts (ICCA) Dubai are under the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Government of Dubai, UAE, Approved Educational Service Permit. International Centre for Culinary Arts FZ LLC. Block 8 | Dubai Knowledge Village | PO Box 500816 | Dubai UAE Tel: +971 4 457 8811 | Fax: +971 4 457 8822 Email : [email protected] UAE Toll Free 800 Culinary | www.iccadubai.ae 2 APPROVED CENTRE

Overview: If one is looking for a career in food production & catering, such as setting up a business enterprise of international standards or qualifying to take up employment as a Commis / Assistant Chef in the Hospitality Industry, this Internationally recognised Vocational Qualifications (IVQ) will initiate you on the right path. Length of Course: Theory and intensive industry centered practical sessions, delivered over a span of 800 guided learning hours. Course Plan: Introduction to Hospitality And Kitchen Operations Theory modules with practical application through the course program 3 Source & use information in the hospitality industry Produce dishes using basic methods of cookery Cutting skills Participate in safe work practices Use hygiene practices for food safety Clean kitchen premises and equipment Participate in safe food handling procedures Receive and store stock Produce and serve food for buffets Plan and cost basic menus Prepare foods to meet special dietary requirements Sustainability in the food industry Practical Cookery (Classification, selection, cuts, uses, techniques, equipment and tools, accompaniments, garnishes, hygiene best practices, health and safety practices, nutrition and dietary implications and sustainability practices) Prepare Stocks, Sauces & Soups Prepare stocks Prepare mother sauces & derivatives Prepare & present soups Prepare Salads, Appetizers and Sandwiches Vinaigrette based salads Mayonnaise based salads Variety of Sandwiches Appetizers (hot, cold, fried and baked) Prepare Vegetable, Eggs & Farinaceous Dishes Vegetable and fruit cookery Pulses and legumes cookery Eggs and breakfast cookery Grain and farinaceous cookery Potato cookery Select, Prepare & Cook Poultry Chicken, duck, quail and offal cookery Jointing, trussing, spatchcocking and rendering Plated main courses with accompaniments Classical preparations based on cut of poultry, method of cookery & technique. Select, Prepare & Cook Meat Lamb, beef and offal cookery Plated main courses with accompaniments Classical preparations based on cut, method of cookery & technique. Select, Prepare & Cook Seafood Selection and cleaning of different varieties of seafood (Fish, Crustaceans and Molluscs) Plated main courses with accompaniments Classical preparations based on type of seafood, method of cookery & technique. Exposure in Pâtisserie for the Hot Kitchen Chefs Introduction to baking ingrédients Production of baked goods and desserts Short crust pastry Puff pastry Choux pastry Variety of cakes using different techniques Yeast doughs Cold desserts Baked desserts ICCA / MiSK / V3.0 / 13.10 / 2020 Note: Course program aligned in line with the objectives of CAC, KSA - Culinary Arts & Professional Development - Fortified with Saudi Cuisine & Cooking Techniques and Saudi Hospitality.

Course Objective This program is designed for the aspiring Barista Professional & Entrepreneur who has no knowledge or experience in Coffee. The objective of these classes is to teach the basic theoretical and practical concepts necessary to produce superior Coffee. Participants will acquire sufficient knowledge and confidence to enter the Barista business. In 5 days, one will learn a wide range of classic & contemprary Barista Skills. Course Name : International Award in Barista Skills & SCA Barista & Brewing Skills Foundation IVQ Level 2 Award in Barista Skills (7102-52), City & Guilds, London Course Duration: 25 Hrs. / 5 Days (25 hours of theory & practical experience). Sunday to Thursday, 01.00 PM to 06.00 PM Course Cost: AED 7,000 Course content: History , Varieties, Characteristics & Processing Methods Why Barista? The 4-3-2-1 Theory Set ups and Operational Work Flow Professional Equipment and Ingredients Green Beans - Grading & Storage Roasting Basics - Effect of Roasting on Flavor Sensory Evaluation - Aroma / Taste / Flavor Cupping Protocol - Coffee Traits Producing and Monitoring Quality Espresso Grinding / Leveling / Tamping / Visual Evaluation Extraction Theory - Different Brewing Methods Decaffeinating Different Coffee Based Beverages New Trends in Coffee Based Beverages Latte Art and Drawing Techniques Hygiene, Handling of Equipment, Cleaning and Maintenance Certifications: City & Guilds Accredited Certificate of completion will be awarded to those who attend at least 80% of the classes and successfully pass the final theory & practical exams. City & Guilds Certificate will be provided 6 to 8 weeks after course completion. SCA Coffee Skills Program (CSP) Foundation Level Certificates in Barista Skills & Brewing Skills awarded upon successful completion of the training program administered by the SCA and delivered by Authorised SCA Tainer (AST). All equipment, ingredients, protective gear and course materials are provided for the training. 4 Note: Course program aligned in line with the objectives of CAC, KSA - Fortified with Arabic Coffee and other traditional Saudi Beverage offerings.

5 ICCA / MiSK / V3.0 / 13.10 / 2020 Note: Course program aligned in line with the objectives of CAC, KSA - Fortified with traditional Saudi Regional Flavours & Food Styles.

Course Overview Get an understanding of the Ingredients to Blend, Mix, Shake, Stir & Delight! This three (3) day course has been specially designed to give a thorough understanding of the fundamentals in Dry Mixing and Bartending. Knowledge of the selection and choice of ingredients, equipment & tools to use, the art & science of mixing well & blending right, and the foundational skills of practical bartending is a perfect start for the serious enthusiast and those wishing to pursue a career in the industry. In-depth understanding of the workflow & process, focus and finesse to display knowledge and practical prowess that is necessary for effective and seamless service with an intense persona, all of which help one impress and become employable in the Bar Industry. Course Duration Theory and hands-on practical sessions, delivered over 18 guided learning hours (3 days – 9 am to 4 pm). Course Fees The course fees is AED 4,000. All equipment, ingredients and course material are provided for the training. Course Plan • History of the Soft Drinks, Varieties, Classification and Production Methods • The Journey of the Bartender – From the Past to the Present • Bartender vs Mixologist • Introduction to Professional Tools • Set-up and Operational Work Flow • Introduction to Ingredients • Method of Cocktail Zero Preparation (shaking, building up, layering, straining, stirring, smashing and blending) • Carbonated vs Still Beverage • Bitter vs Sweet vs Sour vs Salt • The importance of the Appearance of Cocktails • Equipment - Handling, Hygiene, Cleaning and Maintenance Note: No alcoholic products are used in this course. 6 Note: Course program aligned in line with the objectives of CAC, KSA - Program integrated with Saudi ingredients and beverage offerings.

Composite Package Offer - CPO Professional Diploma Program - Cookery Plus Grand Total USD 44,364 Special Discount USD 8,364 Net Total (Excluding VAT) USD 36,000 7 ICCA - Professional Diploma Program - Cookery Plus 8 Months of Full Time Intensive Training International Standards Serviced Accommodation, Food & Travel Allowance for the entire Course Period (8 Months Duration) USD 23,694 (United States Dollar twnety three thousand six hundred ninty four only) Plus VAT USD 20,670 (United States Dollar twenty thousand six hundred seventy only) Plus VAT ICCA / MiSK / V3.0 / 13.10 / 2020

Detailed Break up of CPO USD 21,784 (United States Dollar twenty one thousand seven hundred eighty four only) USD 1,210 (United States Dollar one thousand two hundred ten only) USD 700 (United States Dollar seven hundred only) Accommodation International Standards Serviced Accommodation facility on a sharing basis for a period of 8 months. Boarding & Lodging for the Course Duration Online Resource and City & Guilds Examination Fee, World Association of Chefs’ Societies (Worldchefs) Certification and KHDA Attestation Diploma in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery) - Cookery ICCA Dubai online resource platform provides to access technical knowledge, recipe cards, power point presentations and instructional videos at all times throughout the course program. The City & Guilds International examinations are conducted online at ICCA Dubai upon completion of the course. Successful attainment of the City & Guilds International Certification, would entail one to get the Worldchefs – Commis Chef Certification. Course & Proficiency Training • Professional Diploma Program - Cookery (IVQ Level 2 - Diploma in Food Preparation & Cooking (Culinary Arts) (8065-02)) • Internatinoal Award in Barista Skills SCA Foundation (Barista & Brewing Skills) • Pizza for the Professional • Certificate in Dry Mixology & Bartending (Foundation) • English for Hospitality & Culinary • Restuarant / Entrepreneurship Development Workshop Course Kit Text Book Practical Cookery 13th Edition (Campbell, Foskett, Rippington & Paskins) Chef’s Kit - 2 Nos. Chef’s jacket, 2 Nos. chef’s pants, 1 Nos. ¾ apron, 1 Nos. chef’s cap, 1 Nos. Chef Knife and 1 pair of Safety Shoe. ICCA Dubai - Industry Internship / Work Experience Placement (IWEP) Training Program Hospitality industry orientation & exposure in Dubai, UAE to help the Student Chefs secure an Industry Internship or confirmed supervised paid work experience placement program at the Commis Chef (III, II or I) levels in the UAE / KSA. The IWEP Training & Support includes - Employability Training, Interview Preparation, Personality Development - Grooming, Poise and Industry Attitude Development, Confidence Building Activities, Technical Knowledge Reinforcement, Trade Test Practice, Industry Trade Test and Work Placement Process Support. The IWEP process and work placement positions are subject to the successful completion of the course program, aptitude, attitude, skills set demonstrated by the candidates through the training, at the placement interview & trade tests and clearing the associated age, visa, statutory & medical conditions. ICCA - Professional Diploma Program - Cookery Plus USD 15,560 (United States Dollar fifteen thousand five hundred and sixty only) Food Allowance Breakfast and lunch will be provided at ICCA on all working days. The additional food allowance is towards dinner and meals on all holidays through the course period of 8 months. USD 4,000 (United States Dollar four thousand only) Local Conveyance To and from the Accommodation to ICCA Dubai for a period of 8 months. USD 1,110 (United States Dollar one thousand one hundred ten only) Total Course Fees Total Boarding & Lodging for the 8 months Course Duration USD 23,694 (United States Dollar twnety three thousand six hundred ninty four only) USD 20,670 (United States Dollar twenty thousand six hundred seventy only) 8 ICCA / MiSK / V3.0 / 13.10 / 2020

Note: a. Examinations & Certification - City & Guilds, UK Certification: This certification is obtained upon successful completion of the External -International Examination conducted online at ICCA Dubai upon completion of the course. b. Online Learning Resource Information ICCA Dubai in its endeavour to continuously improve the teaching - learning experience, uses an online resource platform of international quality standards, that will enable students to access technical knowledge, recipe cards, power point presentations and instructional videos at all times through the course program. Alumni members of this online resource platform will have continued access to the said platform for future use. Additionally, to access this resource, students are requested to have PC's/tablets with the following minimum configuration: These guidelines serve as a basic guide to running the various functions of our Online resource to an optimum level. Operating system Windows XP, Vista, 7 Screen resolution 1024 x 768 or higher Browser Internet Explorer 6 or Google Chrome Microsoft Office 2010 Multimedia Minimum Adobe Flash Player http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ Adobe PDF Reader http://get.adobe.com/reader/ Note: The Online resource performs at it’s full potential within a PC environment. Our testing process is integrated into this resource, hence making it an essential tool to the completion of this program. Kindly bring your PC's/ tablets to the orientation, as we will help you register and get access to the resource. c. Course Fee: International Admission The course / composite package offer (CPO) fees as per the Option plan selected is payable in full, prior to the time of obtaining the Dubai, UAE visa and enrolment. International students can also opt for an alternative plan comprising of the Course Fee & Dubai, UAE Visa charges OR the Course Fee alone, in cases wherein the Dubai, UAE Visa is not required. d. Bank Transfer Charges: All bank transfer charges and other incidental charges, as may be applicable, are payable extra, in actual, by the candidate. e. Air Tickets: Costs of air tickets are extra (exclusive of the package offer) and is payable by the candidates f. VAT & Taxes: VAT & Taxes as may be would be applicable, as and when enforced by Law. 9 ICCA / MiSK / V3.0 / 13.10 / 2020

Pathways ICCA, offers a range of diverse opportunities both to the Students and Alumni of ICCA and also those in the Industry seeking to move further in the world of Culinary 1) ICCA Dubai – Industry Internship/Work Experience Placement(IWEP) Training Program The ICCA Dubai - Industry Internship / Work Experience Placement Training is an industry integration program specially designed for students wishing to join the industry as Professional Chefs by way of regular employment or an internship leading to a work placement. The said IWEP includes all aspects of employability training such as Interview preparations, personality development - all round grooming & poise, industry attitude & confidence building, technical knowledge reinforcement, and trade test groundwork to help the Student Chefs seamlessly integrate, effectively deliver and excel in the workplace. The IWEP follows the 1100 hours of intensive on-campus guided learning and training. The IWEP arrangement could be in the form of an Industry Internship generally of 6 months duration. Successful completion of Internship would lead one to a regular Work Placement OR could be a direct Work Placement itself in the form of regular employment to begin with. This program provides student chefs with valuable "hands-on" exposure in the industry working environment by way of a paid internship or regular work experience placement. Here the student chefs can apply their knowledge & skills gained in the training. Such industrial work experiences help increase a student chef’s further skilled employment & other international opportunities. Internship / Work Experience in Dubai - The Hospitality Industry here is very large with the establishment of most leading international hotel chains and the UAE also features some of the best luxury hotels in the world. The Food Industry is very competitive and highly discerning, with most international retail food concepts and specialty restaurants from the world over established here. Thus work experience in the food & hospitality industry in the UAE is highly recognized the world over. ICCA Dubai IWEP Program Selection Process (Terms and Conditions Apply): Placement for the paid IWEP Program is arranged by way of on-campus interviews. The placement contracts are directly agreed to, between the candidates and the Human Resources (HR) Department of the respective employing company. ICCA Dubai provides all coordination & support for the IWEP Program at the Commis Chef (III, II or I) levels or as Industry Interns in the UAE / KSA. The IWEP process and position are subject to the successful completion of the course program, aptitude, attitude, skills set demonstrated by the candidate at the placement interview & trade tests and clearing the associated age, visa, statutory & medical conditions. Pathways Enabling opportunities in Culinary... 10

Additional Information 1. Course Delivery and Examinations 1.1 The Level 2 Diploma course at ICCA is intensive and focuses on the overall development of the student, not only in terms of knowledge and skills but also communication skills, attitude and leadership qualities. 1.2 As part of the curriculum, we not only have theory and practical classes, we also have daily activities to encourage leadership skill and ensure students learn kitchen management/ maintenance techniques, which will be useful when one goes to work. 1.3 Course Assessment: The qualifications are designed to provide students with specific competencies, which meet industry standards. Each unit of competency has a number of elements. Elements are statements, which outline the competencies which the student must achieve through their studies. Elements are based on standards set by the relevant industry. Competency-based Training: All training delivered in the qualification offered at International Centre for Culinary Arts, Dubai (ICCA Dubai), are competency-based. Competency-based training refers to training which develops the skills, knowledge and attitude required for professional qualification / industry employment. 2. Competency-based assessment: Competency-based assessment is the process of obtaining evidence about a student's performance and making judgments on that evidence against prescribed standards of performance. 2.1 Criterion based: Students are not in competition with their peers but are assessed against standard criteria or benchmarks. The criteria are competency standards, learning outcomes and other performance outcomes outlined in the relevant training package. 2.2 Evidence based: Whether a student is competent, is based upon evidence provided by him/her. The evidence may be demonstrated or produced by the student or gathered by the teacher/assessor. 2.3 Participatory: Students are encouraged to be involved in the process of assessment. Teachers / assessors will discuss the rationale behind the outcome of the practical assessment activities. Every student must provide evidence of competence in all units in the course qualification they are undertaking. Competence relates to the ability to perform tasks and duties to the standards expected in employment. 3. Student Uniform 3.1 One of the most important aspects of being a professional in the hospitality industry is discipline in grooming and presentation of one self. 3.2 The ICCA Uniform & Grooming Policy require students of the Level 2 Diploma program to be in full uniform at all times. 3.3 Chef Jacket, Chef Trousers, Apron, Cap, Black Chef Shoes and Black Socks are the prescribed uniform. 3.4 It is mandatory to wear closed black shoes and black socks. The black shoes must be either chef clogs or leather shoes only. Sports shoes or canvas / suede / felt shoes are not allowed. 11 ICCA / MiSK / V3.0 / 13.10 / 2020

4. Student Grooming Standards 4.1 Hair must be neatly groomed. 4.2 Complete uniform (trouser, jacket, black socks and chef shoes) must be worn at all times in the school. 4.3 Complete uniform with cap and apron must be worn during the practical classes. 4.4 Uniform must be clean and ironed on all days. 4.5 Only black chef shoes & black socks are allowed. 4.6 Shoes must be clean. 4.7 Fragrances should be used lightly. 4.8 Hands should be clean, fingernails should be trimmed and no nail polish. 4.9 No watches, finger rings or bracelets to be worn during the practical classes. Ladies: 1. Shoulder length or longer hair must be tied away from the face and should be properly covered with a hair net during practical classes. 2 Jewellery - One pair of small sized earrings are permitted. 3. Head coverings must be plain black or white and must be firmly fastened for fire safety purpose. Gentlemen: 1. Must be clean shaven. 2. Hair to be well trimmed (should not touch ear lobes, should not touch collar). 3. No jewellery allowed. Additional information for International Students: 1. Medical Insurance The general insurance issued along with the UAE visa cover emergency treatment in the government hospital that include emergency ambulance service and the first emergency treatment administered in the government hospital. The insurance at the ICCA cover accidents that might happen while working within the ICCA premises. Personal medical treatment of any kind is not covered, hence the student would have to pay for themselves or get an International insurance cover from back home, that will cover overseas medical treatment. 12

Conditions of Enrollment (Please read before you sign the application form) 1) Definition: 1.1 For the purpose of these conditions of enrollment, commencement of a course means: The first day of the orientation of the course in which the student is enrolled or where a student defers the course after payment of course fee; the first day of orientation of the course which the student has deferred. 2) Course / Composite Package Offer (CPO) Fees: 2.1 May be paid in AED / USD by Cash, Cheque, Credit / Debit Card or by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), to ICCA Dubai account, which ever convenient. 2.2 Full Course / Composite Package Offer (CPO) Fees to be paid before the commencement of Course program or confirmed by way of Post Dated Cheques, where the Course Fees are being paid by way of installments. 2.3 ICCA Dubai will not be responsible for any money paid to any representatives or other individuals not formally authorized by ICCA Dubai. 3) Cancellation and Refunds: 3.1 The Course / Composite Package Offer (CPO) fees will be refunded only in the following circumstances, if: a. ICCA Dubai cancels the course in which the student is enrolled. In this case, ICCA Dubai will refund Course / Composite Package Offer (CPO) fees on a pro rata basis within 4 weeks from the date of notice of course cancellation; b. ICCA Dubai receives written notice of cancellation of enrollment from the student at least 28 days before the first day of the course. Note: In the event that enrollment is cancelled by the student, ICCA Dubai may retain 20% of the Course / Composite Package Offer (CPO) fees towards administrative costs. 3.2 The Course / Composite Package Offer (CPO) fees will NOT be refunded in the following circumstances, if: a. The student cancels enrollment less than 28 days prior to the course commencement. b. The student discontinues the course or leaves the hostel facilities due to personal reasons or if the course is interrupted or cancelled through an act of god or terrorism. c. The student chooses to opt out of the IWEP Program for any reason; OR the student chooses NOT to accept the employment contract secured by the IWEP Process; OR the student is unsuccessful in interviews and/or trade tests due to personal shortcomings despite all reasonable efforts put by ICCA Dubai in helping secure an internship / employment contract for them; OR the student is not eligible for a work permit in the UAE or GCC Country / International Cruise Line for any Statutory or Medical reasons. d. Once the student accepts their first confirmed Internship / Employment contract, or as otherwise detailed herein above or completes the Diploma course program, all Course and IWEP Program obligations of ICCA Dubai and its recruitment & placement agents will be deemed completed. e. The student’s first confirmed Internship / Employment contract is terminated, either by the employer or the student, during the contract period for any reason. 3.3 ICCA Dubai will refund approved amounts within 8 weeks after receiving a written claim from the student. 3.4 Refunds will only be transferred through normal banking channels to the person who paid the Course / Composite Package Offer (CPO) fees in their country of source, e.g. if the financial sponsor of the student has paid the Course / Composite Package Offer (CPO) fees, the refund will only be transferred to their bank account in their home country. 3.5 Course / Composite Package Offer (CPO) fees are not tranferable to another candidate-. 4) Validity of Course Programs: 4.1 The ICCA Dubai Diploma Program registration is valid for a period of 2 years from the date of first course start date. In case of deferment, course completion can only be with the weekend cycle. All classes must be completed within the given period, beyond which the program would be considered cancelled and all fees thereof, forfeited. 5) Standard Operating Procedures, Class Schedules, Code of Conduct & Rights: 5.1 Students are requested to read the Diploma Program - Procedures & Policies, provided at orientation. 5.2 Kindly adhere to the class time schedules. 5.3 It is important that a student or students of a group do not disturb the other classes around in any manner. 5.4 Students are requested to assist with post class clean up & wash up. 6) Compliance, Termination & Rights: 6.1 Students must diligently attend the course program, complete all course assessments, sincerely undertake the Industry Exposure opportunities provided and follow the Professional Program - Procedures & Policies*. * Provided at the time of program orientation. 6.2 ICCA Dubai reserves the right to expel a student for serious breach of discipline. Upon which the Course / Composite Package Offer (CPO) fee will not be refunded. 6.3 As part of continuous development and quality delivery, ICCA Dubai reserves all rights to amend the course content, course cost, schedules and procedures & policies. 7) Grievance Resolution: 7.1 ICCA Dubai has policies and procedures in place for the hearing of student difficulties and grievances. 7.2 If you are not satisfied with the outcome, an independent dispute resolution can be availed, under the jurisdiction of Dubai, UAE laws and agree that damages are limited exclusively to a refund of the course fee for the course selected and that they are entitled to no other consequential, incidental or punitive damages. 8) Additional Details: 8.1 Additional details with regards to course enrollment, course program & IWEP Program etc. are as further detailed in the Letter of Offer, provided upon formal application of interest to the program. 13 ICCA / MiSK / V3.0 / 13.10 / 2020

14 Notes

Preferred Start Date Highest level of education completed. Attach certified copies of School / College Certificates. Choice of Program Education Background Name of Examination Name of School/College/University Year Please affix your photo here Gender Male Female Nationality Home Address Passport No. Post Code Alternate Contact No. Telephone No. Email Personal Details Last Name (Name exactly as in the passport) Middle Name (Name exactly as in the passport - if applicable) Given Name (Name exactly as in the passport) Professional Program Cookery Plus Part 1 Date of Birth (Day) (Month) (Year) Please read this form carefully and complete all relevant sections. Please keep a copy for your reference. 15 ICCA / MiSK / V3.0 / 13.10 / 2020

Copyright © All rights are reserved. The contents of this offer documents are proprietary, no portion of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means - electronic, photocopy, scanning, or any other, without the prior written permission of ICCA Dubai. Signature Date Agent / Representative’s details or business stamp Date received Placement offer Student Number Letter sent Accept Reject Other Agreement Agent / Representative’s details Privacy Policy Office Use Only Part 2 I have read and understood the conditions of enrolment set out in the application form. By signing this application form, I agree to all the conditions of enrolment. In particular, I acknowledge agreeing to the conditions of enrolment relating to cancellations and refunds. ICCA Dubai acknowledges and respects the privacy of individuals. We collect personal information from you for the purpose of processing your application to enroll you in our course and providing services to you. We may have obligations to provide information to certain government departments. Your provision of personal information is voluntary. But if it is not provided we will be unable to process your application. You have a right to access and alter your personal information. Please Note: Food packed and taken out of ICCA Dubai premises is at the students’ risk for Food Safety purposes. 16 ICCA / MiSK / V3.0 / 13.10 / 2020

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